Wrath of Man 2021 Hindi Telugu Tamil English Full Movies Download 480p HD

Wrath of Man 2021 Dual Audio 480p Tamil English Full Movies HD

Wrath of Man Dual Audio Tamil English Full Movies 480p

Action, Thriller
Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi + Telugu+ Tamil + English
Quality : HDRip
Initial release: 4 March 2021 (Netherlands)
Director: Guy Ritchie
Production companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Miramax
Based on: Cash Truck; by Nicolas Boukhrief
Music by: Christopher Benstead
Writers: Nicolas Boukhrief, Éric Besnard
Stars: Jason Statham, Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett

Patrick Hill begins work at Fortico Security, an armored truck company. After being commended by the superior Terry for his references, he is introduced to Bullet, who nicknames him “H” and oversees his training. H gets off to a rocky start with his colleagues, particularly Boy Sweat Dave, over his mysterious nature. One day, Bullet is taken hostage during a drop and the kidnappers demand the $2 million in their truck. When H and Dave meet the kidnappers, H easily dispatches them with expert marksmanship.

During a later attack on H’s truck, he steps out when the truck is flooded with tear gas, at which point the robbers retreat on seeing him. H later sleeps with co-worker Dana Curtis and holds her at gunpoint to inquire her about a private cash stash he finds. She claims she stole money once from a liquor store for retirement savings, but insists it was the only time. H spares her life, but threatens further repercussions if he learns she is withholding further information.


Five months earlier, H is out with his son Dougie when he gets a call asking him to help with the recon of an armored truck for a robbery and reluctantly agrees. H stops on the other side of the bridge from the armored truck depot, and asks Dougie to wait in the car while he goes to a food truck by the depot. He calls to reveal the location of the truck as he gets food, but as the truck goes under the bridge, it is attacked by a different group of thieves dressed as construction workers, who kill the guards as well as Dougie for being a witness. When H runs toward them, he is gunned down as well, but survives. H is then revealed to be Heargraves, the boss of a crime syndicate; the syndicate’s members were the men who made the second attack on H’s truck. After Dougie’s mother holds Heargraves responsible for Dougie’s death and leaves, Heargraves demands to find the men responsible. After exhausting a list of suspects, and coming up with no possible leads, Heargraves’ associate suggests that the robbery was an inside job. Heargraves says he will fly back to London to clear his mind, but actually arranges a contact to provide him with the forged identity of Patrick Hill, as well as the autopsy report of Dougie’s death.

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