Spymate 2003 Hindi English Telugu Tamil Movie 480p Blu-Ray

Spymate 2003 Hindi English Telugu Tamil Movie 480p Blu-Ray

Spymate Hindi English Telugu Tamil Movie Download in HD

Adventure, Comedy, Family
Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi + English + Telugu + Tamil
Quality : Blu-Ray
Initial release: 24 February 2006
Director: Robert Vince
Music director: Brahm Wenger
Initial DVD release: 11 April 2006
Production company: Robert Vince
Writers: Anna McRoberts, Anne Vince
Stars: Barry Bostwick, Jay Brazeau, Richard Kind

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Minkey, a super-spy primate, rescues his partner Mike Muggins from Middle Eastern terrorists. Their secretary, Edith, commends them on being the two best spies in the business, but Mike informs her that he is going to retire to be with his wife and daughter. The movie flashes forward 10 years. Mike’s wife had died, and his daughter, Amelia, is a child prodigy, having invented a revolutionary oxygen iodide laser drill. Amelia is about to receive the National Scientific Achievement Award from the world’s leading scientists, Dr. Robert Farley and Dr. Claudette Amour. Mike tells her how proud he is, and reminds her that Minkey is in town, now the star of a circus show. Mike offers to take Amelia to Minkey’s show, but Amelia laughs it off, remembering those “silly stories” he used to tell her about life as a spy.


As Amelia leaves for school, Hugo, a henchman, follows her and takes pictures of her. Amelia receives the National Scientific Achievement Award, although Dr. Amour is unable to be there. As she and Mike leave, Dr. Farley videotapes Mike with a pen-camcorder. The next day, Dr. Farley shows up in a black limousine and kidnaps Amelia, telling her that her father has a surprise for her. He has a manipulated video of Mike confirming this, and Amelia happily goes with Dr. Farley.

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