Scarface 1983 Hindi Full Movies Dual Audio 480p Download

Scarface 1983 Hindi Full Movies Dual Audio 480p Download

Scarface Hindi Dubbed Movie Dual Audio 480p Download

Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality : BluRay
Initial release: 1 December 1983 (New York)
Director: Brian De Palma
Produced by: Martin Bregman
Adapted from: Scarface

In 1980, Cuban refugee and ex-convict Tony Montana arrives in Miami, Florida, as part of the Mariel boatlift, where he is sent to a refugee camp with friends Manny Ray, Angel, and Chi Chi. The four are released and given green cards in exchange for murdering a former Cuban general at the request of Miami drug lord Frank Lopez. They become dishwashers at an eatery, but a dissatisfied Tony proclaims that he is meant for bigger things.


Frank’s right-hand man, Omar, sends the four to purchase cocaine from Colombian dealers, but the deal goes badly. Angel is dismembered with a chainsaw, while Manny and Chi Chi rescue Tony and kill the Colombians. Suspecting that Omar set them up, Tony and Manny insist on personally delivering the recovered drugs and money to Frank. During their meeting, Tony is attracted to Frank’s trophy wife, Elvira. Frank hires Tony and Manny. Tony reunites with his mother and younger sister Gina, of whom he is overprotective. Disgusted by his life of crime, his mother throws him out. Manny is attracted to Gina, but Tony tells him to stay away from her.

Frank sends Tony and Omar to Cochabamba, Bolivia to meet with cocaine kingpin Alejandro Sosa. Tony negotiates a deal without Frank’s approval, angering Omar. Sosa claims that Omar is a police informant and that Frank has poor judgement; Tony witnesses a beaten Omar hanged from a helicopter. Tony vouches for Frank’s organization, and Sosa, taking a liking to Tony, agrees to the deal, but not before warning Tony never to betray him.

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