Host 2020 Full Movies Hindi English Telugu Download 480p HD

Host 2020 Full Movies Hindi English Telugu Download 480p HD

Host Full Movie Download in Hindi 480p

Horror, Mystery
Size: 300mb
Language: Hindi + English + Telugu
Quality : Blu-Ray
Initial release: 29 October 2020 (Saudi Arabia)
Director: Rob Savage
Production company: Shadowhouse Films
Writers: Gemma Hurley, Rob Savage
Stars: Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb
Produced by: Douglas Cox; Craig Engler; Emily Gotto; Samuel Zimmerman
Written by: Gemma Hurley; Rob Savage; Jed Shepherd

While under quarantine due to COVID-19, a group of friends have decided to hold weekly Zoom calls to stay in touch. For this week’s call Haley has hired a medium, Seylan, to lead them in a séance. One friend, Teddy, intentionally leaves the chat because his girlfriend, Jinny, keeps interrupting. During the séance one of the members, Jemma, claims to have made contact with a friend who committed suicide, Jack, only to later admit that she lied after Seylan drops out of the call. The remaining people begin to experience strange, terrifying phenomena; Emma’s glass breaks, Haley’s chair is pulled by an unseen force, and Caroline sees a hanging corpse in her attic.


Haley manages to get back in touch with Seylan and informs her of everything that has happened. Seylan believes that Jemma’s prank could have summoned a demonic spirit, which has taken on the guise of ‘Jack’, and begins to give them instructions on how to close the séance. The spirit interrupts this by causing more phenomena and Seylan’s call drops out once more. The group believe the ordeal is over, Radina gets up and leaves the room unaware of Alan’s body hanging behind her. Caroline’s artificial background is interrupted as her face is smashed into the camera, causing her laptop to fall. Emma’s camera shows one of her filters on an invisible figure in the living room, the face turns to look at Emma, scaring her. Emma then scatters flour on the floor, showing the footprints of the spirit coming towards, causing her to hide in her room.

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