DOM 2021 Web Series Season 1 Free Download 480p HD

DOM 2021 Web Series Season 1 Free Download 480p HD

DOM Web Series Season 1 Free Download 480p

Size: 2.3GB
Language: Hindi + English + Telugu + Tamil
Quality : HDRip
Creator : Breno Silveira(creator)
Stars : Gabriel LeoneFlávio TolezaniFilipe Bragança

Imagine if you’ve dedicated your entire adult life to fighting the drug trade, and after those years of toil and of raising your kids, one of them slides into the worlds of drugs and gangs. You’d be… Humiliated? Determined to get him better? Both? That’s the idea behind Amazon’s first Brazilian original series.


The Gist: We see a young man dancing, getting loaded, and getting close to a random woman on the floor. Another pretty young woman passes by and he hits on her, but she’s the girlfriend of the local drug gang leader, so he’s blocked from her. He takes the other woman into the alley, snorts some coke off her shoulder, and they start to get it on.

In the meantime, Victor Dantas (Flávio Tolezani), a member of the civil police, is in his apartment in the Copacabana neighborhood wondering where his son Pedro (Gabriel Leone) is. He tells his daughter Laura (Mariana Cerrone) that he’s going to go to the favela to find him and haul his drugged-up ass home, but Laura warns her dad that he might get killed if he goes into the heart of drug territory, flashing his badge and gun.

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