Bad Samaritan 2018 Hindi English Telugu Tamil Full Movie 480p Blu-Ray

Bad Samaritan 2018 Hindi English Telugu Tamil Full Movie 480p Blu-Ray

Bad Samaritan Dual Audio Hindi Dubbed Full Movies

Crime, Horror, Thriller
Size: 500mb
Language: Hindi + English + Telugu + Tamil
Quality : Blu-Ray
Initial release: 19 April 2018 (Russia)
Director: Dean Devlin
Screenplay: Brandon Boyce
Writer: Brandon Boyce
Stars: David Tennant, Robert Sheehan, Kerry Condon
Producers: Dean Devlin, Rachel Olschan, Marc Roskin

bad samaritan full movie tamil dubbed download

While working as parking valets at a restaurant, Sean Falco and Derek Sandoval secretly use the cars entrusted to them by customers to burglarize their homes. On one night, however, Sean finds more than he bargained for when he breaks into the house of wealthy patron Cale Erendreich and discovers a woman named Katie being held captive. Unable to free Katie, Sean abandons her, but notifies the police of his discovery. When the police are unable to find any evidence of Katie’s abduction, Sean contacts the FBI and files a missing persons report for her.


Cale, meanwhile, brings Katie to a secluded cabin and becomes aware of Sean’s knowledge of her abduction. Motivated by a desire to break people down, Cale begins working to destroy Sean’s life, including having Sean, Derek, and Sean’s parents fired from their jobs. He also savagely beats Riley Seabrook, Sean’s girlfriend, after ruining their relationship by leaking a topless photo of her. Cale then kills Derek and his family in their home and stages their deaths as a murder-suicide, although Sean is able to get a picture of Cale, which he sends to the FBI.

Using the GPS in Cale’s car, Sean is able to find the cabin where Katie is being held captive and heads off to save her after surviving Cale’s attempt to kill him with a bomb. A team of FBI agents also travel to the cabin after deducing that Cale is responsible for a series of disappearances and that the property is in the name of Cale’s family, but are unable to enter the private property without a warrant. Sean finds Katie, only to be knocked out by Cale, who reveals that he intends to kill Katie and frame Sean for her murder, along with the deaths of his previous victims. Katie, however, survives Cale’s attempt at killing her and frees Sean, with Cale in pursuit.

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