Awake 2021 Dual Audio Full Movie Downlead in Hindi 480p

Awake 2021 Dual Audio Full Movie Downlead in Hindi 480p

Awake Full Movie Downlead in Hindi Dubbed 480p

Size: 400mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality : WEB-DL
Initial release: 9 June 2021
Director: Mark Raso
Production companies: Entertainment One; Paul Schiff Productions
Story by: Gregory Poirier
Cinematography: Alan Poon

Jill Adams picks her son Noah and daughter Matilda up from their grandmother, Doris. Whilst driving, their car loses power and is hit by another car into a lake. Matilda nearly drowns but is revived by a police officer who reveals that everything that uses electricity is malfunctioning. They go to a hospital where coma patients have awoken. They then go to Doris’s house. Jill, Noah, and Doris are unable to sleep. On her way to work Jill, sees that the whole neighborhood is awake. At work, psychiatrist Murphy explains there are no unconscious people; that everyone is awake or dead. Jill remembers that Matilda can sleep so she rushes home to find her and discovers she’s at church. The pastor gives a sermon about Matilda being a beacon of hope and people want to sacrifice her. Jill and Noah arrive to get her but Doris does not want to give up Matilda. The people panic and Jill, Matilda and Noah flee to the woods. They rush to a garage to find a car. Jill leaves the two outside while she enters the garage. Jill takes a car after hiding from two men and picks up Noah and Matilda.


They reach a library and Noah finds a map. Noah and Jill use the map to find their destination. While doing so, an escaped prisoner steals their car with Matilda in it. Other prisoners threaten Jill and Noah but they are saved by the man who stole their car, Dodge. They discover plane wreckage and Noah and Dodge look for items they might need. Jill teaches Matilda to drive because she’s the only one who has energy to and to prepare her. While driving, they are attacked by people but manage to escape.

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