24 Hours to Live 2017 Hindi English Telugu Tamil 480p Download

24 Hours to Live (2017) Hindi Dubbed Full Movies Dual Audio 480p

24 Hours to Live Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Size: 300mb
Language: Hindi + English
Quality : BluRay
Initial release: 26 October 2017 (Indonesia)
Director: Brian Smrz
Writers: Ron Mita, Jim McClain
Stars: Ethan Hawke, Qing Xu, Paul Anderson
Producers: Gregory Ouanhon, Mark Gao, Basil Iwanyk
Screenplay: Jim McClain, Ron Mita, Zach Dean

In South Africa, a convoy of interpol agents led by Lin (Xu Qing) transport a prisoner, Keith. At a checkpoint, they are ambushed. Most of the agents are killed, but Lin escapes with Keith.

24 hours to live hindi dubbed full movie download

Travis Conrad (Ethan Hawke), a hitman, fishes with his father in law, Frank (Rutger Hauer). They scatter ashes in the ocean, noting the one year anniversary of the deaths they commemorate. 24 hours to live hindi dubbed download, After Frank falls asleep, Travis goes to a bar to get cocaine. He assaults two thugs following him who tell him Jim wants to see him. 24 hours to live full movie hindi dubbed, Jim offers Travis $1 million per day to clean up the botched assassination attempt on Keith and Lin. Though he initially refuses, claiming he’s retired, the money convinces him. He travels to Hong Kong and meets Lin’s son, from whom he steals his cell phone and determines Lin’s location. He meets her at the airport and seduces her. The next morning, he gets Keith’s location from her phone but chooses not to kill her; she realizes he is an agent and kills him.

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